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We begin with age-appropriate environments and activities that encourage children to learn, play and explore. Most importantly, at the heart of every project and activity, there's a specially trained teacher and an age-appropriate curriculum to lead the way. Children need hands-on experiences and teachers that will get-on-the-floor to teach and play. Children need enthusiasm and encouragement. Most of all, they need the joy and challenge of doing it themselves because that's what helps them learn and grow



Infants and Toddlers


Love, nurturing, safety, security, one-on-one interaction and a stimulating environment are all at the heart of our infant program.  Our infant/teacher ratio is kept as small as possible to ensure that your child receives all the attention he or she deserves.

Two and Three Three Olds


Two year olds are terrific learners, with an amazing amount of energy and an eagerness to try new things. Our curriculum program for our two year olds emphasizes continued verbal development and early math concepts. It also focuses on socialization skills, small/large muscle control, music, art and dramatic play, among other fun and challenging activities.


Three year olds are eager to learn during this important developmental period. Our curriculum also focuses on self-esteem, self worth, developing creative and social skills. Our teachers are excellent with providing fun and challenging activities which will stimulate mind development, creativity and physical fitness.





Five Through Twelve Years



Our Discovery Club school-age program goes way beyond aftercare. We continue our curriculum-based approach to learning and fun, helping children succeed in school. Homework help, exciting projects, outdoor play and fun with friends make time go fast.

We offer school-age children a balance of down time, structured activities and individual hands-on exploration. It's just what they need to unwind and stretch their minds and muscles. Besides offering homework assistance, teachers play Brain Games with students. These games help children practice critical thinking skills. Children can rotate with friends among learning centers planned just for them – whether it is science, building, art, library, or games. Children will get plenty of exercise enjoying the outdoors, perhaps running on the playground, or playing a game of basketball.








During our educational morning program, academic lessons are introduced and completed with art projects, music, finger plays, blocks, and classroom activities.  Children also enjoy exploring their classroom, learning centers, snacks and outdoor play.  Our afternoon enrichment activities enhance our already stimulating curriculum and include art and science projects, special activities, and games, physical fitness activities designed for muscle development.

Some Additional Activites

  • Outdoor Play ground

  • Basketball

  • Kickball

  • Media Room with Xbox Kinect

  • Swimming pool used for children ages 4 and older

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