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Playing Safe

Safety is our number one Priority here at Old Fountain Academy. Your little one might not think about it, but a rest assured, while your child is happily climbing, sliding, swinging, exploring, playing basketball or kick ball. We never stop working to ensure your child’s safety on our playground. It is built with state-of-the-art equipment designed for age-appropriate physical development and fitness activities. Playgrounds are separated by age groups, using equipment specific to the appropriate stage.


Our playgrounds are inspected and maintained regularly to meet and exceed national standard. Our teachers are with your child at all times during playground activities. These teachers participate actively and supervise your child’s play; they also teach proper use of equipment. Children are directed using positive guidance techniques to encourage safe and cooperative play. Our playgrounds are fenced to meet and exceed safety guidelines. We perform daily inspection as a safety precaution for sticks, broken toys, loose fencing, unlocked gates and other potential hazard.


Also, once a month, inspection and maintenance is performed to ensure the safety of our equipment. We conduct a thorough check following by a 36-step inspection check list. In addition we conduct an annual safety inspection by certified playground inspectors, and a report is kept on file at our school. 

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